Clearsilver  is an industrial solution by KELENN Technology  to manufacture flexible and transparent conductive film to replace ITO.

Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) is the main material used for transparent conductive films (TCF). These films have significant drawbacks such as frigility, Indium depletion and high manufacturing cost.

Our flexible and transparent conductive film is an innovative solution based on conductive patterned grid using industrial inkjet printer from KELENN Technology and conductive inks.

Our TCF shows a unique combination of conductivity 10 ohm/square, transparency 90%, flexibility and low roughness.

Our TCF are used for the manufacturing of OPV, OLED lighting and large screens.

Clearsilver is produced in low to high volume with a unique roll to roll industrial inkjet additive process developped by KELENN Technology. 

Thanks to the Clearsilver process, our customers will produce in low cost, three shifts a day.

Domaines d'application

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