LOPEC 2018 11 mars 2018

At LOPEC 2018, KELENN Technology discloses the DMD100, a new table top ink digital deposition system.

the DMD100 is the first of a range of products to print low and high viscosity fluids in 2D; 2,5D and 3D.


DRUPA 2016 24 mai 2016

1200 dpi high speed new KEOS print head slices from KELENN Technology

Une révolution 16 février 2018

Une révolution technologique nous attend !

L'impression par jet d'encre devient enfin plus fiable et abordable. Pour sure, L'industrie en bénéficiera et de nouvelles dynamiques se développeront

Solidarity 11 juin 2014

Initiated by the Asmada Association and Mada Team, this project intends to renovate, improve and maintain a library located in Madagascar by the end of 2014. This solidarity program will enable children in the Masindray region to become more aware and confident in their skills and knowledge in order to lead them to self-suffienciency and personal fulfillment, which are values we cherish within our company.


You can also help give the children the love of reading by contributing to the financing of books, paint and library furniture. For more information, see the project on the Kiss Kiss Bank Bank platform.

A library for 500 children in Madagascar

LOPEC 2017 13 mars 2017

KELENN Technology demonstrates live industrial inkjet printing of silver ink.

As a partner and founder of the ClearSilver project and with the support of the Europeen Community, we are developing great features to serve the large area printed electronics market. In the next months, we will disclose a new innovative R2R product line of printers to serve that market.

DRUPA 2012 25 avril 2012

KELENN Technology discloses its innovations at Dusseldorf during 2012 exhibition.
New trends and technologies for the age of media convergence and the solutions ...