The DMD400®  system prints any fonctional fluidic material on upto 400x400 mm planar substrates and up to 40 mm height 3D substrates with disposable cartridges. Thanks to a sophisticated and easy to use software, a fully automated print process of multiple layers, a pick and place of electronics components and an industrial setup, the DMD400 accelerates our customer’s design and production cycles.

Technical characteristics

  • Minimum track width : 30 µm,
  • Precision of the three axis : 5 µm,
  • Viscosity range : 10 cps to 50 000 cps,
  • Thermal and UV post treatment,
  • Vacuum flat bed 400 x 400 mm temperature controled,
  • camera inspection,
  • One or two digital dispensers,
  • Pick and place of electronics commponents,
  • Full featured software for 2,5D design and production,
  • Drop angle & pendant drop measurement.

Possibilities and applications

The DMD400® is best suited for various applications such as:

  • Electronics including : RFID tags (NFC & UHF), Bluetooth, batteries, Strechable electronics, Structural electronics, Printed circuit boards, IoTs, Flexs, Plastronics, Photo voltaic,...
  • Biological fluids, organic polymers patterning,...

Typical activities include:

  • Prototypes,
  • Production runs,
  • Development of new process for digital or analog production such as screen printing,
  • Evaluation of material and substrate interaction.

Application fields

memory Printed electronics
nfc PCB and NFC